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Recruitment and 25man content Posted by: Shalas -- On: 08-03-2009

Resolved is currently recruiting the following classes / roles for our own 10man runs:

- Druid (moonkin)
- Mage
- Rogue

More information about the guild, or posting an application for our current 10man guild runs can be
found on our website: http://www.guildresolve.eu
If you rather talk to someone directly, feel free to whisper any of our officers:
Fyldren, Xoy or Shalas.

Naxxramas 10 man cleared! Posted by: Shalas -- On: 04-01-2009

Grats everyone on kill.

Oh well that means that our little 10man guild has now the offical status of:
- Naxxramas - Cleared
- OS10 - Cleared (0 adds)
- Archavon10 - Cleared

14/15 Naxxramas Posted by: Shalas -- On: 30-12-2008

Wow what a week.
Monday raid, 2 healer setup we cleared Saritharion/Spider/Plague/Razu/Gothik/Patchwerk
Tuesday raid, 3 healer setup and we cleared 4h, Gluth, Thaddius and Sapphiron...

Not bad for just optional raids, our real raiding schedule starts in January!
next up... Kel'thuzad!

Oh well that means that our little 10man guild has now the offical status of:
- Naxxramas 14/15
- OS10 - Cleared (0 adds)
- Archavon10 - Cleared

Patchwerk down! 10/15 naxxramas for Resolved! Posted by: Shalas -- On: 23-12-2008

So we just tried our luck on patchwerk... with 9 people lacking 1 dps.
Oh well he's still awesome though ;-) Finally a "kill shot" with a body in it hehe :D

Oh well that means that our little 10man guild has now the offical status of:
- Naxxramas 10/15
- OS10 - Cleared
- Archavon10 - Cleared

Death knight wing... Cleared! Posted by: Shalas -- On: 23-12-2008

Again a raid lacking one dps, we started on a fresh Death knight wing.
We did some tries before on Razu, but got tanking and healing just wasn't working.
Now we did it and it was an first try kill, very nicely done.
Gothink as well, first try kill, this guy is just to nerfed...

Four horsemen was as expected a bit harder :-)
After some tries however we all did it nicely and cleared death knight wing in one night!

And the best part was lacking one dps the whole evening!
Excellent job all ;-)

Plague wing clear! Posted by: Shalas -- On: 23-12-2008

Totally forgot to update the frontpage... or take a picture at the kill :D
A few days ago we killed Loatheb, the only boss left in the plague wing for us.
And killing him with only 8 people makes it even better ;-)
Great kill and excellent job by all who participated in this first kill!

Naxxramas... 5/15! Posted by: Shalas -- On: 19-12-2008

Lol this place has been nerfed quite a bit, you read the stories but when doing the content you did
3 years again as 10man, well its still a shock how easy it is really ;-)
Our first full 10man raid, we managed to put Obsodian Sanctum on definite farm status.
Also did our first full run on Naxxramas, we cleared spider wing and went to set out for Plague wing.
After a few moderate tries on Heigan, we had one amazing kill where 2 of our 3 healer died when boss was still at around 75% hp.
With only Flydren our resto druid healing, and Metronome our retri paladin cleansing the dot, we still managed to get him down.
Very nicely done everyone. to our healers that died... learn 2 dance please! ;-)
Due to the fact that our healers had to leave, we had to end the raid on Loatheb.

Oh well that means that our little 10man guild has now the offical status of:
- Naxxramas 5/15
- OS10 - Cleared
- Archavon10 - Cleared

First raid steps Posted by: Shalas -- On: 15-12-2008
Our first guild raid, we went to Obsidian Sanctum 10man, and cleared it without problems with 9 people in raid.
Very nicely done everyone!

Some of us also ventured into Naxxramas (allthough with some pugs), managed to clear first 3 bosses, Anub'Rekhan,
Faerlina and Noth.
Alas, no pictures made... oh well ;-)